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Efrat ZehaviPassportraits Performance is an artwork of visual artist Efrat Zehavi

Address: Drie Vrienden Street 26, 3014 JS Rotterdam

Email: efrat.zehavi (at)

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The Passportrait Performance is available to companies, festivals and private individuals.

For companies: the performance is an interesting addition to conferences, congresses and team-building days. Participants get to know each other, which in turn improves mutual co-operation. The participants are confronted with their personality in an indirect, artistic way, which can lead to reflection which is fruitful to their personal and /or professional development.

If you as an individual are looking for a unique gift for a loved one, friend or family member, invite the passportrait performance to give a unique accent to any birthday, bachelor party or other festive occasion.

At festivals, the ideal performance audience is unhurried and interested in participating in the conversation. The modelling time per portrait varies from about thirty minutes to an hour. Weather permitting, the performance can take place outside. The only requirements are a table and a few chairs.

 All copyrights for concept, texts & photo material are reserved © Efrat Zehavi 2016

Special thanks for the photographers and visitors who send me their photos, among others:

Andreas Lange, Bram Saeyes, Marc Gross, The Virtual Residency, Norbert Roover,

Gil & Moti, Sign Foundation, Nauel Guachati, Evangelos Koukouwitakis.


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